July 27, 2020

EP 13: Negotiation in the Midst of Change with Elizabeth Suárez

A highly sought-after leadership and negotiation strategist, Elizabeth Suárez guides organizations towards developing a stronger workforce while empowering their professionals to pursue more recognition and
opportunities. In this Podcast, Elizabeth discusses how to negotiate by adapting to change. Elizabeth dives into the topic of how negotiations can result in win-win situations and why these types of sustainable agreements are more critical than ever.


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Elizabeth Suárez is a thought leader with a proven track record of transforming leaders into skilled negotiators and decision-makers. As a strategist, Elizabeth has worked with organizations across a variety of industries on complex and sensitive issues with respect, humor and frankness. Her straightforward approach inspires her clients to take action and implement what they have learned in order to improve their career trajectory.


Through her best-selling book, The Art of Getting Everything, as well as media interviews and keynotes across the country and Latin America, Elizabeth has inspired thousands of professionals to become transformative leaders, who have been able to make a significant difference in their organizations.

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