February 10, 2021

Actions and ​Behaviors: ​Part III of the Mindset Series

When you take action with an emotional propellent, it moves energy. It is critical to start with a strong foundation of constructive self-talk and strong self esteem. Once you have this foundation, the action that you take will have incredible results. We are the creators of our own reality. Life will act as a mirror from the action that you take.

A negative force that affects us all is worry, which is a fear driven emotion. If you are worried about something, start taking action in the areas that you know you need to engage in. That momentum that you build you will begin to see that worry fade away.

It is important that you focus on one thing and one thing only. Focus on starting. Once you start, it is amazing how things begin to develop and you begin to develop a sense of inertia that will take you to the desired destination. As you take steps and begin movement, the landscape of opportunity will begin to change.

Now it is time to act. You have everything you need. Reaffirm your self-talk and your self esteem so that you know that within you lie the talents, abilities, and skills to achieve the things that you desire.

This week is part of a 5-part series in which coach Paul de la Garza discusses the components of mindset.


Stay tuned for Weekly Success Tips in the upcoming weeks to continue to develop your mindset for the new year.

In this week's Tip for Success, Paul de la Garza discusses action and behavior which is part or the Mindset Series and shares a story which highlights the power of never giving up.

This Week's Action Steps

Follow these action steps below each day this week to activate an action filled life:

✔ Create a vision board. This board will be a constant reminder and anchor of the things you want to achieve. Limit your board to no more than five things and give each item a timeline for completion.

✔ Continue to practice your affirmations on a daily basis. Engage in the reaffirmation of your talents and the things you want to achieve. Your affirmations must be based on an authentic recognition of your belief in yourself.

✔ Take the first step. It is time to act. Focus on starting. If you look at the entire landscape, you may not start at all. Focus on taking the very first step.

✔ Stay with it. Never never never never quit. Once you act, province will move with you. You will be submitted to distractions and tempted to take the paths of least resistance. Keep reminding yourself of the big picture of what it's going to be like once you get there.

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