July 9, 2019

EP 8: From Stuck to Super-Charged with Hoss Pratt

In today’s episode our guest Hoss Pratt, CEO and founder of Hoss Pratt International and lead generation and conversion expert, talks about the 12 steps that will help you break down barriers and yield massive results. Pratt’s ability to take real estate business to the next level and generate results FAST helps agents go from stuck to super-charged in just months.

“Desire is the spark that lights the bonfire, it’s you job to go build the bonfire.” – Hoss Pratt

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Hoss Pratt turned his own business from a zero-listings, zero-cash nightmare into $7 Million in sales within his first year. He is the author of Listing Boss: The Definitive Blueprint for Real Estate Success, a #1 International Best Seller. He has also created a membership program called Listing Boss Academy designed for real estate professionals to reach their highest potential. Hoss is nationally known authority in selling, entrepreneurship, and lead generation and conversion. To learn more about Hoss please visit https://www.hosspratt.com/

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