July 27, 2020

EP 12: How to Get Unstuck and Build Massive Momentum with Crystal Vilkaitis

Today Crystal Vilkaitis, founder of Crystal Media joins HPBS to discuss how, while faced the challenges of COVID-19, retail businesses are closing their storefronts and gaining more momentum than ever by using the powerful tools that online selling offers. Crystal offers specific advice and tools for transitioning businesses to online platforms to leverage the highly-effective marketing and sales tools that are designed to find your "right-fit" customer.


For more information about Crystal Media, visit: https://www.crystalmediaco.com/


Watch the video version of this podcast at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxeTjDCA6fw&t=754s


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Crystal Vilkaitis is the founder of Crystal Media and a top-rated speaker who has worked exclusively with independent retailers since 2010. She has developed a team of social media experts that has worked with thousands of store owners to significantly increase their foot traffic, sales, and profits through training programs and done-for-you agency. By helping retailers evolve through new social sales channels and Shopify, and easily adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing world, Crystal Media is on a mission to help Main Street thrive.

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