July 27, 2020

EP 11: Stop Selling, Start Attracting through Ninja Selling with Larry Kendall Pt. 2

Larry Kendall is dedicated to bringing the best in people and their organizations through his Ninja Selling program, where he teaches how to become a sales master without having to put yourself in a position where you are rejected. With more than 80,000 graduates around the world, Ninja Selling helps real Estate agents get real results and increase their income without increasing their working hours.


In Part 2 of the interview talks about the importance of building relationships with prospects and current clients. Larry also gives us some shocking statistics of the small percentage of Real Estate agents that are able to make it and actually stay in the business. In order to be successful Larry recommends developing a system that gives you predictable results regardless of the market or salesman personality. We review some of the systems that are used by him and top-performing agents such as the Ninja 9 Habits, the FORD (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) and the 5 magic questions outlined below. This podcast is full of valuable and practical information not just for Real Estate agents but for anyone who wants to expand their selling kills.


What is the long-term plan for your house?

If you could live anywhere… where would that be?

With the strength of the market today, are you in the house you want?

Is real estate part of your wealth plan?

What are the dreams/plans you have for your children?

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