December 15, 2020

The Power of a Purposeful Vision

Having a vision that has core purpose is one of the most validating things that an individual can do for oneself. As we set our vision for the upcoming year, we have to remember that our vision is equivalent to the level of self-awareness and recognition of what we can do and our vision is going to be carried by that inner force.

In this week's Tip for Success, Paul de la Garza defines vision and gives powerful examples of leaders, who despite very challenging circumstances, were able to carry out and fulfill their vision driven by purpose.

This Week's Action Steps

Follow the action steps below each day this week to gain clarity on your vision and purpose for the upcoming year.


Create an affirmation that will enable you to achieve those things for which you are inspired. This should be something that resonates in your heart. The one I like to use is, "I lead a purposeful life in pursuit of the highest good for myself and for those who surround me". 


✔ Create a vision board. This vision board should have no more than five things on it so that you can focus on them. Add dates of completion to each item and ensure that these are things you truly want to and believe that you can accomplish in a year's time. 

✔ Create a vision that will give you a sense of purpose. This purpose will be driven through contribution and promoting the welfare and wellbeing of others.


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